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Kangoo Jumps KJ-XR3 Special Edition (Black and Pink)

Kangoo Jumps KJ-XR3 Special Edition (Black and Pink)

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Kangoo Jumps® rebounder shoes are the worldwide leading brand for safe, mobile rebound exercise. Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes allow you to seamlessly blend health, fitness and fun.

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are perfect for cross-training activities and are designed for all ages and fitness levels. On top of that, they're super easy to use! 

Kangoo Jumps products are Swiss-designed and certified high quality. All KJ rebound shoes feature removable and washable liners for maximum comfort. To ensure durability, they have large rigid shells with thick non-slip soles. The side adjustment straps allow you easily get the shoes on and secured on your feet.

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are great for:

  • Group fitness classes
  • Low impact jogging and running
  • Athletic training
  • Home workouts
  • Rehabilitation

Some of the great benefits you'll enjoy from Kangoo Jumps rebounding:

  • Burn 20% more calories with the same amount of effort
  • Absorb 80% of the impact from running and bouncing
  • Reduce your body fat
  • Firm up your arms
  • Benefit the shape of your legs, hips and abdomen
  • Improve your balance and co-ordination
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system
  • Protect your joints
  • Strengthen your muscles and bones without the trauma of hitting a hard surface 
  • Provide an aerobic effect for your cardiopulmonary systems
  • Revitalize and motivate your body when it's tired
  • Improve your overall mental and physical wellness 

    Size Chart

    Extra Small - U.S. Women 3-5.5, U.S. Men 2-4.5

    Small - U.S Women 6-7.5, U.S. Men 5-6.5

    Medium - U.S Women 7-9.5, U.S. Men 6-8.5

    Large - U.S. Women 10-12.5, U.S. Men 9-11.5

    Extra Large - U.S. Women 13-15, U.S. Men 12-14.5

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